Lympstone Players Productions 1945 to Present

2023 The Hollow Crown by John Barton. A series of readings and songs by or about royalty, directed by Harland Walshaw, for the weekend of the coronation of Charles III.


2022 A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens adapted by Gary Owen. Directed by Sharon Wayland. Winner of a NODA award.


2021 Aladdin Pantomime by Alan Frayn. Directed by Sharon Wayland.


2020 "Village Life" Inspired by the zoom contributions made by members we spent our COVID year delving into the world of filming and editing by creating a series of sketches, all filmed around the village of Lympstone.  Take a look!




"Looking For Rex"


"Burglar Investigation"


"Dropping Them On Dover"


2019    Summer Madness two one-act plays, Gosforth Fete by Alan Ayckbourn and Score by Lyndon Brook and a musical interlude with Lympstone's own boy band. Directed by Sharon Wayland and David Eaton.


2018    Oh! What a Lovely War revival of the ground-breaking 1963 Joan Littlewood production.  Directed by Harland Walshaw.


2017    Dinner with Friends, two one act plays. The Man in the Bowler Hat         by AA Milne directed by Sharon Wayland and Another Moon called Earth by Tom Stoppard and directed by Graham Banks.  Music by Simon Ellis.


2017    An Evening of One-Act Plays by Alan Ayckbourn, Drinking                          Companion directed by Claire Lawry,  Between Mouthfuls directed by Julia Crockett and A Cut In The Rates directed by Anna Streather.  


2016    David Copperfield by Charles Dickens, adapted by Alistair Cording.                  Directed by Sharon Wayland


2016    The Regina Monologues by Rebecca Russell & Jennifer Wafer.  

Directed by Wendy Watson

2015    Separate Tables by Terence Rattigan & Plaster by Richard Harris.

Directed by Wendy Watson

2015    Beauty And The Beast by Ben Crocker.

Directed by Matt Hood & Wendy Watson.

2013    Robin Hood & the Merry Maidens.

Directed by Shirley Wilkes & Chris Barnacle

2013    Macbeth. William Shakespeare.

Directed by Harland Walshaw (Players' 70th Birthday production) 

2013    A Very Merry Christmas Ding Dong. Pantomime Review.

Directed by Shirley Wilkes et al.

2012    Jubilee Revels – an entertainment to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee.                  Directed by Chris Barnacle, Daisy O’Dea, Shirley Wilkes, Clive Wilson, Matt            Hood.

2011    Cinderella. pantomime.  Directed by Shirley Wilkes

2011    Still Lives. Noel Coward (original stage play on which the film Brief                    Encounter was based). Directed  by Harland Walshaw. Cafe Theatre

2011    The Hollow Crown - anthology arranged by John Barton.

Directed by Harland Walshaw

2011    Robinson Crusoe and the Pirates. Pantomime written by Joel Teague,              Bruce Ellis and Chris Barnacle. Directed by Chris Barnacle.

2010    Jack and the Beanstalk. Pantomime

Directed by Shirley Wilkes

2010    Don’t Walk About With Nothing On. Georges Feydeau; translated by                     Peter Meyer. Directed by Clive Wilson. Cafe Theatre

2009    When We Are Married. JB Priestley.

Directed by Mary Blair

2009    An Evening With Geoffrey Chaucer. Adapted from Chaucer’s                          Canterbury Tales and directed by Harland Walshaw (part of the village                  celebrations of 600th anniversary of the church tower).


2008 and earlier:


2008    Murder in the Cathedral. TS Eliot; dramatised reading in Lympstone                    Church. Directed by Jacky Martin

2008    Alice Through The Looking Glass. Lewis Carroll; adapted by V A Pearn.                Directed by Peter Nickols-Rawle

2007    Off the Shelf or the Sound of Mujiks. adapted from Chekhov ‘s The                    Proposal with additional material by John Eaton-Terry. Directed by John                Eaton-Terry. Cafe Theatre

2007    Peter Pan; adapted from the JM Barrie story. directed by Peter Nickols-                  Rawle

2006    The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. Musical adaptation by Adrian                  Mitchell from the book by CS Lewis; directed by Clive Wilson

2005    The Owl and The Pussycat Went To Sea. Musical adaptation by Sheila                  Ruskin and David Wood of Edward Lear poems. Directed by Clive Wilson

2005    The Climbing Boy. Verse play written by Ralph Rochester. Directed by                  Harland Walshaw

2004    The Imaginary Cuckold. Moliere, translated by Miles Malleson. Directed by            Harland Walshaw.  Cafe Theatre 

2004    A Bump in the Night. Halloween entertainment devised and directed by              Harland Walshaw

2003    It Could Be Any One Of Us. Alan Ayckbourn. Directed by Clive Wilson 

2003    The Lady Gloriana - A celebration of the life and times of Queen Elizabeth            1 to mark the 400th anniversary of her death. Devised and directed by                Harland Walshaw; musical direction by Rodney Dingle.

2003    King Arthur in Lympstone. Written and directed by Thalia Squire

2002    The Winslow Boy. Terence Rattigan. Directed by Mary Blair

2002    Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Revisited. Adaptation written and                      directed by Thalia Squire

2001    Hay Fever. Noel Coward. Directed by Mary Blair

2001    Soiree Nostalgia – a Celebration of the Twenties & Thirties. Directed by                Jacky & Jeremy Martin

2000    This Green & Pleasant Land – verses, songs and slides. Directed by Roy                Cole & Hope Rosenthal

2000    The Plotters of Cabbage Patch Corner. David Wood. Directed by Barbara                Neason

1998    Belles,Bloomers & Boomps-a-Daisy - Dance, Drama, Song & Food. Directed by Jacky & Jeremy Martin

1997    Ladies In Retirement. Edward Percy and Reginald Denham. Directed by                Tony Goodwin

1997    Sleeping Beauty & The Time Machine. Written and directed by Robin                    Lawson
1996    Wot’s Next. A Light Hearted Revue. Directed by Roy Cole & Donald Keene
1995    The Coming of The Kings. Ted Hughes. Directed by Barbara Neason –                  performed in church
1995    Blithe Spirit. Noel Coward. Directed by Geoff Mountain
1995    The Pied Piper . Written and directed by Robin Lawson
1994    Thriller of the Year. Glyn Jones. Directed by Tony Goodwin
1993    With Great Pleasure – An Evening of Readings and Music. Directed by                  Rodney Dingle
1993    Them Boots Ain’t Made For Walking. Bill Owen. Directed by Mary Blair
1993    Woman Alive. John Tulley. Directed by Tony Goodwin
1992    Relatively Speaking. Alan Ayckbourn. Directed by Ted de la Mare
1992    Little Red Riding Hood. Trudy West. Directed by A L Cook
1991    Parcel. David Campion. Directed by Mary Blair
1991    Passion, Poison & Petrifaction. G B Shaw. Directed by Pat Vallis
1991    A Christmas Carol. Charles Dickens. Directed by Pat Vallis
1990    I Spy. John Mortimer. Directed by Pat Vallis
1990    Haloes & Fleabites. Written and directed by Robin Lawson
1990    Humpty Dumpty. Trudy West. Directed by Barbara Neason
1989    Eighty in the Shade. A revue.
1988    Dandy Dick.  Arthur Pinero. Directed by Pat Vallis
1988    The Spirit of Crazy Paving. Written and directed by Robin Lawson
1988    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Roald Dahl, adapted by Robert George.            Directed by Brian & Daphne Ridge.
1987    Midsummer Follies.  Directed by Rosemary Bethell and Pat Vallis
1987    The Papertown Paperchase. David Wood. Directed by Barbara Neason
1986    Ring Round The Moon. Jean Anouilh. Directed by Pat Vallis
1986    Withering’s Last Chance. Written and directed by Robin Lawson
1985    Collect Your Hand Baggage. John Mortimer. Directed by John Croxen
1985    Dark Road. Kathleen Palmer. Directed by Mary Blair
1985    Hands Across The Sea. Noel Coward. Directed by Ted de la Mare.
1985    Midsummer Madness – an Entertainment. Directed by Rosemary Bethell
1985    Mother Goose. Trudy West. Directed by John Croxen
1984    Relative Values. Noel Coward. Directed by John Eaton-Terry
1984    The Pied Piper of Hamelin. Madge Miller. Directed by Pat Vallis
1983    Arms and The Man. Bernard Shaw. Directed by Barbara Neason
1983    Last To Go; The Applicant; The Black and White. All Harold Pinter. Directed            by Sanpic Fardell. Gosforth Fete. 
1982    A Resounding Tinkle. N F Simpson. Directed by Tony Gray
1982    The Gift. Ronald Duncan. Directed by Olive Cook
1982    After Magritte. Tom Stoppard. Directed by John Eaton-Terry
1982    Another Evening of Variety. Directed by Bert Williams & Jean Tarbath
1982    Christmas in the Market Place. Henri Gheon. Directed by Pat Vallis & James            Moss (church performance)
1981    You Never Can Tell. Bernard Shaw. Directed by Pat Vallis
1981    An Evening of Variety. Directed by Bert Williams and Jean Tarbath
1981    The Owl and the Pussy Cat Went to Sea. Sheila Ruskin & David Wood.                  Directed by Barbara Neason
1980    The Irregular Verb to Love. H&M Williams. Directed by James Moss
1980    A Kiss For Cinderella. James Barrie. Directed by Olive Cook
1979    Murder at the Vicarage. Agatha Christie. Directed by Ted de la Mare 
1979    Is There Anyone Out There? Music and Sketches. Directed by John Croxen
1979    Peer Gynt. Henrik Ibsen. Directed by David Crawford
1978    Everyman. Adapted by Constance Cox. Directed by James Moss (Church                performance)
1978    The Happiest Days of Your Life. John Dighton. Directed by James Moss
1978    Murder in Mind. Rex Hartley. Directed by Olive Cook
1978    Blithe Spirit. Noel Coward. Directed by Basil Cooper
1978    of Toad Hall. A A Milne. Directed by Barbara Neason
1977    Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime. Constance Cox. Directed by Margaret Cooper                (guest producer)
1977    She Stoops to Conquer. Oliver Goldsmith. Directed by John Eaton-Terry
1977    Saloon Bar. Frank Harvey. Directed by Olive Cook
1976    Say Who You Are. Keith Waterhouse & Willis Hall. Directed by John Eaton-Terry
1976    Lympstone Revels. Directed by Jill Hearne, Jenny Musgrove and Nelly                  Squires
1976    Here We Come Gathering. Phillip King & Anthony Armstrong. Directed by              Olive Cook
1975    Mystery At Blackwater. Adapted by Dan Sutherland from Wilkie Collins’                The Woman In White. Directed by James Moss 
1975    The Insect Play. The Brothers Capek. Directed by David Crawford
1975    Dick Whittington And His Cat. James Moss. Directed by James Moss
1974    An Evening With Chekhov – The Bear, Swan Song, The Anniversary, The              Proposal. Directed by David Crawford
1974    We Are Amused – A Victorian Miscellany. Directed by Olive Cook and Mark            Aitken
1973    Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp. James Moss. Directed by James Moss
1972    Cranford. Mrs Gaskell adapted by Martyn Cole. Directed by James Moss
1971    Midsummer Mink. Peter Coke. Directed by James Cook
1971    Poor George. Beatrix Carter – Concert Item
1970    The White Sheep Of The Family. L du Garde Peach. & Ian Hay Directed by            James Moss
1970    The Hollow. Agatha Christie. Directed by James Moss
1969    Her Grace Will Be Here. Arthur Lovegrove. Directed by Ellen Vinnicombe
1969    A Ghost Of A Chance. L du Garde Peach. Directed by Joyce Perry
1965    The Golden Wedding. Joe Corrie. Directed by Ruth Herbert
1965    The Turn Of The Tide. Ian Halway. Directed by Nellie Squires
1965    The Late John Adams. John James. Directed by Kathleen Sandie
1964    Bell, Book and Candle. John Van Druten. 
1963    Mother’s Day. J B Priestley. Directed by Pamela Brightmore-Armour
1963    Celestial Error. Patricia Brooks. Directed by Kathleen Sandie
1963    The Stronger.  August Strindberg. Directed by Rose Cumming
1962    Heaven On Earth. Philip Johnson. Exton Drama Club
1962    Dark Road. Kathleen Palmer. Directed by Ruth Herbert & Kathleen Sandie
1962    Temptation Sordid. Winifred Phelps. Directed by Joyce Sampson/Perry &              Pamela Brightmore
1962    The Cradle Song. Gregonia & Maria Martinez-Sierra. Directed by Charles                Sales
1961    Night Must Fall. Emlyn Williams. Directed by Charles Sales
1960    Villa for Sale. Sacha Guitry. Directed by Barbara Buckley
1960    Grannie’s A Hundred. Ronald Gow. Directed by Kathleen Sandie
1960    That One Talent. Joan and John Ormerod. Directed by Ruth Herbert
1959    Castle in the Air. Alan Melville
1959    As One Women To Another. T B Morris. Directed by Barbara Buckley
1959    Shadow Of The Past. Majorie Halford (Exminster WI)
1959    Little Glass Houses. Philip Johnson & Howard Agg. Directed by Barbara                Stevens
1958    Haul For The Shore. Jean McConnell
1956    The Secret Tent. Elizabeth Addyman
1955    Friendly Relations. J Liggat
1955    Kind Cousin. Janet Allen
1954    Lilies of the Field. J H Turner
1952    Recipe For Murder. Arnold Ridley
1952    The Late Christopher Bean. Emlyn Williams
1951    Short/Secret Story. Robert Morley
1951    The Admirable Crichton. J M Barrie
1950    Passing Brompton Road. Gordon David
1950    Golden Harvest. L Michell
1949    Toad of Toad Hall. A A Milne
1949    Richard of Bordeaux. Gordon David
1948    The Distaff Side. John van Druten
1948    Children in Uniform. L Winsloe
1947    Pot Luck.  A play plus revue sketches and songs 
1945    The Dover Road. A A Milne


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